Statistics: A Tool To Interpret Data

What Is Statistics?

Statistics is a discipline that includes the collection, organization, analysis and interpretation of data. Statistical methods are used to design and analyze experiments and surveys. The theory and methods of statistics are applied to a wide variety of fields because data is involved in almost all areas of human endeavors. So, the application of statistical principles helps us in understanding more about the world around us.

Why Study Statistics?

Large complex data is ubiquitous in today's world and to deal with data the knowledge of statistics is very important.

• With the help of Statistics tools and conceptual foundations of quantitative reasoning, we can extract information intelligently from a sea of data.

• To conduct research effectively, one must have the knowledge of statistics. It is impossible to make decisions based on the data collected from the research project without the use of statistics.

• Statistics helps us in making a decision between two possibilities. We can decide which of the two possibilities is more likely to happen.

Statistics is used in so many areas of our lives that it has become very desirable to understand and learn statistics. Thus, the study of statistics prepares one for real life situations.

Statistics Study Tips

To succeed in a statistics class, one must know where and how to use concept and procedures to interpret data correctly. But there are many students who struggle with statistics, so here are some study tips for statistics.

• Statistics is neither too easy nor too difficult. If you are finding it hard to learn statistics, don't lose heart, it's just another subject you are trying to learn. If you will make some efforts you will learn it. Also, do not think that it's too easy. Because thinking so you result in losing interest in studying it.

• Work on as many problems as you can. It's impossible to learn statistics just by reading about it. If you don't have enough problems in your book, go online and download varied statistics problems to work on them.

• Set aside one or two hours to study statistics every day. Don't try to cover everything in one day by spending four to five hours on it. You may confuse one topic with another by studying many topics in a single day.

• Look for the recurring concepts. Try to master them. Ask your statistics tutor to emphasize on those concepts.

• Don't just learn formulas by heart, try to understand the concepts.

• Do group study once a week. Explaining concepts to each other increases understanding of a topic.

• If you are still finding it difficult, there are many options available to help you out, you can ask your instructor for an extra class, take the help of your peers or use online statistics help websites.

Article Source: Sandy D'Souza

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